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Growing your business isn’t easy, but it is exciting. You’ve learned to manage cash flow, may be looking to expanding your space and are probably hiring just a few more people.

And while there are many ways to grow your business, finding the right one may take a little trial and error. Increasing sales from current customers, asking for referrals, finding new partners or distribution channels, changing your product offering and extending your market reach – some ways may be easier than others.

Along the way, you might bump into a few growing pains, and finding ways to reduce your business expenses can be critical to keep your business growing

That’s where Cerity can help. We’re not just experts in workers’ compensation insurance – we’re experts in protecting a growing business. We provide 24/7 access to your policy, including providing resources to help you minimize accidents in the workplace.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

We know you have questions. Here are a few answers.

Cerity is a data-services company that is a licensed insurance producer that provides comprehensive workers' compensation insurance for American businesses. In less than five minutes, a small business owner can have a quote and can be protected as soon as the next day. In other words, your business is covered. Just like that. We are backed by Employers Holdings, Inc., a workers' comp industry veteran of over 100 years, EHI is reimagining how to purchase workers compensation insurance.