Finding a company that understands the Workers’ Compensation needs of electricians can feel like a lights-are-on-but-nobody’s-home scenario.

You need a Workers’ Comp provider that has your back, like a generator when the lights go out.

You may be prepared to handle any electrical issue affecting your clients, but are you prepared if an employee gets injured on the job? As the owner of an electrical company, you’ve invested in yourself and your business. You’ve likely invested in specialized equipment to support your team in getting the job done well. Don’t risk all the time and effort you’ve put into creating a successful company by not having the right Workers’ Comp policy, and especially not having Workers’ Compensation at all.

Workers’ Comp for Electricians Is a Business Essential

Electricians encounter a myriad of job-related injuries. While safety protocols and training can help prevent injury, there is always the risk of work-related accidents resulting in injuries. You’ll want to be prepared for whatever the current carries, without it costing your business significant dollars self-covering a Workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ Comp not only helps keep your workers afloat if they are injured on the job, but it also helps to ensure a continued bright future for your company. 

As the owner of an electrical company, you know how important it is to prevent electric hazards before they spark into fires, potentially taking down entire buildings. The same goes for your business, figuratively. Even seemingly small workplace injuries can turn into an all-consuming fire of legal and medical expenses. Having the right Workers’ Comp policy is akin to having the fire suppression systems to extinguish any fires caused by on-the-job injuries.

Consider this: If an employee becomes injured by a faulty outlet or unsecured infrastructure, can you afford a VIP trip to the emergency room and ensuing hospital expenses? Will you be able to supplement income until you or the employee is healthy and ready to return to work? Most small business owners and independent electricians don’t have pockets deep enough to accommodate these types of expenses without feeling tremendous financial strain. That’s partly why Workers’ Compensation exists. It’s a win-win for injured electricians and the businesses for which they work.

Workers’ Comp as a Risk Management Tool

Whether you own an electric business with employees or you are a one-person show, there are many risks electricians face every day when it comes to workplace injuries. Falls, flash burns, exposure to asbestos, strains from repetitive stress, and electrocution are all potential hazards. Regulations and specialized equipment help minimize on-the-job risks to electricians. However, it’s simply impossible to predict or foresee every work injury when it comes to the electric business. But, you can protect yourself, your business, and your team with an insurance policy that can provide coverage for: 

  • Emergency medical care, including ambulance services, emergency room visits, and medical treatments
  • Continuing medical care, including primary care physician visits, medication, rehabilitation, and physical therapy
  • The temporary loss of income from wages

Workers’ Comp is legally required in almost every state. You can find out more about your state’s Workers’ Comp requirements to see if you are legally required to carry insurance. Not having Workers’ Comp insurance can lead to legal entanglements down the road if you are found to be in violation of your state law’s compliance agreements. You don’t want to face legal and financial penalties on top of potential injury-related expenses for not providing electrical Workers’ Comp. 

The legal risk of not having Workers’ Comp aside, this insurance type just makes good business sense. It ensures business continuity even if an employee is injured on the job, and sends the message to your electricians that your company cares about their wellbeing. 

Cost of Workers’ Comp Insurance for Electricians

Budgeting for Workers’ Comp is a necessary part of running a successful business. But you may be wondering: How much does Workers’ Comp cost for electricians? There is no one-glove-fits-all answer to the question of  A multitude of factors unique to your business come into play. These include where your business is located, how many employees you have, and the industry you work in (e.g., residential versus commercial). 

Certain electric work falls under Workers’ Comp code 5190, which includes employees that perform work related to electrical wiring within buildings, including drivers. An underlying theme is the danger presented by projects that involve loose, running, or hanging wires. Because of the risk associated with this classification, Workers’ Comp is required at a rate of $4.32 for every $100 of remuneration. Working with the right insurance provider can help you lower your overall Workers’ Compensation costs and total premium. 

Keep your wallet and your team safe when you save money on insurance premiums by preventing injuries before they happen. Implement risk management strategies according to industry regulations, provide safety training for employees, and issue protective equipment to show your team that you take safety seriously. Insurers tend to favor businesses that prioritize safety and have a low history of claims. Risk mitigation helps your electric business accomplish both. 

Not Your Average Workers’ Comp Provider

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