Small businesses make our country awesome. The least we can do is insure them right.

From the mom-and-pop diner to the local law firm to the corner tattoo parlor, small businesses keep America thriving—and interesting. Can you imagine Austin without taquerias? Or New York without pizzerias? We shudder at the thought.

That’s why it’s so frustrating that the insurance industry has always put big business first.

They aim to pad their pockets with massive contracts and pricey premiums, while hiding behind complicated legal language and endless hold music. It’s no big deal for their fellow corporates— but it’s a total shakedown for small biz.

About Cerity

So We flipped the script.

Cerity insurance puts the needs of small business first for a change.

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Low rates that fit your business—so your policy is right-sized for you.

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Coverage delivered in minutes for most industries. Just like that, you’ll be “done” done.

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Transparent policies you can make sense of (no sneaky legalese).

Just 100+ years of expertise. No biggie.

Well…it is kind of a big deal, actually.

Most “providers” selling insurance online are middlemen (they don’t even own an insurance company…!). Meanwhile, Cerity is the product of 100 years of experience and a 100,000-customer track record. We’ve channeled all that know-how to create best-in-class insurance for you—the small businesses who deserve it.

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