Workers’ Comp Resources

How Workers’ Compensation Premiums are Calculated

Knowing your employees and your business are protected in case of accidents through your workers’ comp policy inspires confidence.

Understanding the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

The term workers’ compensation can sometimes be overwhelming without the right background and guidance to help you through the process.

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What Is Workers’ Comp Insurance?
  • Published June 28, 2021

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Employer’s Responsibilities After an Employee Is Injured at Work
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Test the Workers’ Compensation Claims Process
  • Published May 19, 2021

Knowing your employees and your business are protected in case of accidents through your workers’ comp policy inspires confidence. The […]


Who Qualifies for Workers’ Comp Exemptions?
  • Published March 20, 2021

Workers’ compensation is a type of business insurance that is required by law in many US states. This insurance covers […]

Workers’ Comp Deadlines by State
  • Published March 15, 2021

How long does an employee have to report an injury on the job? The short answer is that it depends […]

2021 Workers’ Comp Rates by State
  • Published March 14, 2021

Workers’ compensation insurance rates will vary depending on a number of different factors, including your company’s payroll, employee job classifications, […]

How to Calculate Workers’ Compensation Cost per Employee
  • Published March 12, 2021

You already know that workers’ compensation is an invaluable tool to protect your business. As your company changes, you may […]

How Long Does an Employee Have to Report an Injury?
  • Published February 24, 2021

When employees are injured on the job, their employers often wonder: How did this happen? Who else was affected? Can […]

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