Cerity Workers’ Comp Policyholder FAQ

  • Published Jun 30, 2022

The following information is a compilation of commonly sought information from our policyholders.

Customer Services

Phone: 844-423-7489

Email: service@cerity.com

How do I access my Customer Portal?

If you did not set up your Customer Portal during the policy purchase process, you can do so now.

  • Head to our customer Login page.
  • Click on the “Sign Up Here” link under “Forgot to setup your portal when you got your policy?”
  • The email you use needs to match the email address you provided during your online application process.
  • A code will be sent to your email. If you do not see this code within a minute, please check your spam.
  • Troubleshooting: If you’ve previously set up your portal, you’ll need to reset your password to log in.
  • Troubleshooting: If you have not set up your portal and you’re getting an error message, or the login process isn’t working, you may have had a typo in your online application. Please call Customer Service to update your account with the email you provided during your online application process.

Why am I receiving officer paperwork?

If you have rejected coverage for yourself and other company officers, you may have to file a form with the state and/or Cerity so you can remain exempt from coverage. In absence of this completed task, we’ll need to endorse your policy and include your currently excluded officers. This change will include the charge for the additional premium that applies to the increase in coverage.

How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?

You can generate a Certificate of Insurance (COI) through your Cerity Customer Portal.

  1. Log in to your Customer Portal via Cerity.com
  2. Select “Documents”.
  3. Go to “Create a COI”.  There, you should see “Create a Certificate for your Workers’ Compensation Policy”.

Please do not check Policyholder as Certificate Holder—unless you want a COI made out to yourself. (It is not common for you, the Policyholder, to also be listed as a Certificate Holder. Thiswill typically result in a rejection of the COI from the party requesting the COI from you.

To create your COI, you’ll need to enter the following information:

  • Certificate Holder Name (this is the name of the party who has requested the COI from you)
  • Certificate Holder Address
  • Certificate Holder Contact
  • Certificate Holder Email
  • Brief description of the services you are providing the Certificate Holder. If you’re a sole proprietor, please also include your DBA with your description. (For example: DBA, Smith Advertising: Marketing Consulting Services)

Once you have all the above entered, you can click on “Request a COI” which creates a PDF you can download.

Does my COI automatically get emailed to my Certificate Holder?

Our self-service COI process lets you create certificates when you need them without waiting.  You’ll download your COI so you can email it to the Certificate Holder. You can also print it from your Customer Portal if you’d like.

Help, I can’t open the COI I created. What should I do?

If your PDF doesn’t open, you may have a pop-up blocker turned on. You’ll need to disable this pop-up blocker to open and download your PDF. If you’re still having difficulties, please contact Customer Service. Tip: Chrome is the best browser for accessing your Customer Portal.

I have additional questions regarding my COI.

Please reach out to Cerity Customer Service by calling 844-423-7489 or emailing service@cerity.com.  During business hours you can also access our live chat on Cerity.com. We’re looking forward to helping you out.

My Certificate Holder is asking me for a waiver. How do I add this?

We can add a Waiver of our Right to Recover (Waiver of Subrogation) endorsement on your policy. There is a fee associated with this endorsement. Please contact Customer Service if you need to add a Waiver of our Right to Recover endorsement.

My Certificate Holder wants to be an additional insured, can I add them?

You can’t add an additional insured to a Workers’ Compensation policy. Your policy only covers your direct employees. “Additional Insured” status is a term used often for general liability insurance. It denotes that you’re offering your general liability insurance policy benefits to another party you’re engaging in business with, and is commonly used (and in some cases, contractually required) by businesses.

Do I need to update my payroll if it changes?

Significant changes to your payroll should be reported to Cerity. This will help mitigate having a large additional premium due at the end of your policy period during the audit process.

I need to add an employee in another state to my policy. How do I do this?

We may be able to add the additional states to your policy. Cerity has two policy forms—not all states can be included on the same form. Please contact Customer Service to assist you with this request.

How do I pay for my policy?

If you’re on a monthly installment or PayGo schedule, your premium will be automatically drafted from the account you set up during your online application process.

My credit card expired. How do I update my banking information?

  • Log in to your Customer Portal.
  • Go to the Billing tab.
  • Update your credit card information.
  • Delete your old credit card information.
  • If your payment is past due, please contact Customer Service so we can initiate your payment.

Does Cerity notify me if a payment is declined?

Cerity sends out invoices and payment updates via email. If you’re not receiving these notices, please check your spam folder now and then. If you have any concerns, please contact Customer Service.

What happens if my payment didn’t clear?

We’ll automatically retry a payment attempt 5-7 days after the initial attempt. If this payment is also declined, your policy will be canceled unless we receive your past due payment. Your policy will be in “Pending Cancellation” status.

What happens if my policy is in Pending Cancellation status?

  • Log in to your Customer Portal to make sure your banking information is up to date.
  • If the second payment attempt fails, you’ll need to contact Customer Service to initiate your past due payment.
  • Once payment has been received, your policy will return to active status.

What happens if my policy has been cancelled?

If you would like to reinstate your policy, please contact Customer Service.

How do I report a claim or check on the status of a claim?

Phone: 844-423-7489 (Press 1 for claims)

Alternate Phone: 800-753-6737

Email:  claims@cerity.com

How do I renew my policy?

Cerity will automatically renew all policies in good standing so you don’t have to worry about it. If we decide not to renew your policy, you’ll receive a notice of non-renewal.

How do I cancel my policy?

  • If you have questions regarding policy cancellation, please call or email Customer Service.
  • If you need to cancel your policy, you have to inform us through a written cancellation request.
  • Policy cancellation requests need to include: Your policy number, the date of cancellation, and a reason for cancellation. Please let us know if you have replaced coverage, so we can properly code your cancellation for required state reporting.

Can I cancel my policy at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time. Note: Some states require you to hold onto your policies for a month after we notify the state of your intention to cancel. If you have employees, you must have replaced the coverage before you cancel any workers’ compensation policy.  Any Certificate Holders will be notified of your policy cancellation.

What happens after I cancel my policy?

We hate to say it, but there will be some paperwork involved. You must complete and return policy audit paperwork, which will be sent to you via regular mail.

I only had my policy for two weeks. Do I need to respond to the audit request?

The simple answer is yes. There are many states that require us to charge an audit non-compliance fee.  Failure to return the completed policy audit paperwork may subject you to this non-compliance fee.

My policy was canceled due to non-payment. Do I still need to respond to the audit request?

Yes, you do. There are many states that require us to charge an audit non-compliance fee.  Failure to return the completed policy audit paperwork may subject you to this non-compliance fee.

What is a policy audit?

Your policy premium is largely based on your payroll over your policy period. We understand that over the course of your policy period, changes happen. After your policy period ends, a policy audit will be conducted to determine the accuracy of the estimated premium and business classification used when the policy was started. This process is required by your state’s regulation of workers’ compensation insurance.

How do I receive my audit information?

  • Cerity will conduct a premium audit which is required on all canceled, expired and renewed policies to determine final premium for your policy period.
  • Premium Audit worksheets will be mailed to you via regular mail within 120 days of cancellation or expiration of the policy. Please check your mailbox for this letter, complete the worksheet, and return it to Cerity via the email or mailing address provided.
  • Should you have any questions regarding your audit or how to comply, please reach out to us at auditinfo@cerity.com.

What happens if I don’t complete my audit?

  • If you fail to comply with the audit, your policy will be deemed non-compliant which can result in a non-compliant charge of up to 3 times the premium on the policy and/or cancellation of that policy. This will depend upon the rules and regulations of the states listed on your policy.

To avoid non-compliance, please submit the requested information by the due date provided on the worksheet.

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