Changes for Cerity Policyholders

  • Updated: December 29, 2023

Some changes have arrived for Cerity Policyholders. Don’t worry, we have the information you need to make a smooth transition right here, and our friendly customer support team is standing by to help if you have any trouble.

What exactly changed?

Cerity has switched to a new policyholder portal. It’s called EACCESS®, and it makes getting insurance documents, making payments, even submitting audit information more flexible for Cerity policyholders than ever before.

And technically, it’s not new. It’s the same system our parent company, EMPLOYERS®, has used to serve hundreds of thousands of customers. We’re making the switch so our policyholders can take advantage of this more robust and user-friendly system.

What does this mean for Cerity policyholders?

The portal Cerity policyholders typically use to manage policies is no longer available. All policyholders will receive information on how to register and log in to the new EACCESS system via email when a policy is due to renew.

If you have set up automatic (ACH) payments from your bank account, you will begin receiving invoices by mail with instructions to pay by check. If you currently pay by credit card, payments will continue to be withdrawn as scheduled. Credit card payments are not available in Connecticut.

If your policy number begins with the letters WC – Online policy information will not be available until you renew. Policyholders who need to make changes or request a document can continue to reach out to us directly by phone, email, or chat as follows:

If your policy number begins with the letters DWC – You are able to register for the new EACCESS system to manage your policy online immediately.

FAQs on Changes for Cerity Policyholders

Let’s continue with some answers to frequently asked questions about these changes to give you more insight on EMPLOYERS and EACCESS. For additional questions, please see our full Policyholder FAQ.

Hang tight, we’ll contact you when your policy is ready to renew. Here’s what to look for when the time comes:

  • Keep an eye out for a personal email from a member of the Cerity underwriting team, letting you know your policy is ready to be renewed.
  • You’ll then receive an official welcome email from Cerity and EMPLOYERS, with information on how to sign up for your new EACCESS account.
  • Once you register for EACCESS, you’ll receive an official EMPLOYERS invoice email allowing you to make a payment instantly. You must make a payment before the effective date of the renewing policy or your policy will expire. You can also log in to eBilling inside EACCESS for additional payment options.
  • EMPLOYERS will continue to send your email alerts whenever new policy documents become available inside EACCESS, although some policy information from EMPLOYERS may still be mailed directly to you based on state regulations.
  • You can learn more details and get answers to specific questions about the EACCESS system within this EACCESS FAQ for Policyholders.

Cerity has been part of the EMPLOYERS family since our inception. EMPLOYERS is known as America’s Small Business Insurance Specialist.®, with over 100 years of experience in workers’ compensation specifically. Thanks to new integration capabilities, Cerity policyholders can now take advantage of the same EACCESS self-service features as EMPLOYERS policyholders, further improving on the stellar insurance service Cerity has always been known for.

If your policy begins with the letters WC, hang tight. Your policy will be available in EACCESS at renewal time. We’ll send you more information on the next steps when your policy is due to renew, including details on how to register and log in to the new system.

We understand you might want to get into the new system now instead of waiting until your renewal date. However, Workers’ Compensation is an annual policy, and your policy will be renewed and available in EACCESS approximately two months prior to your policy expiration date.

If your policy begins with the letters WC, online account info will be temporarily unavailable. You can request documents or make changes by reaching out to us directly by phone, email, or chat—our team is eager to help.

If you have set up automatic (ACH) payments from your bank account, we will send your invoices and payment instructions in the mail beginning in December until your next renewal.

If you pay by credit card, your payments will continue as usual. Credit card payments are not available in Connecticut.

To see your billing and payment information before your next renewal, our friendly service team is ready to help. You can connect with us by phone, email or live chat:

Safety information and loss control resources available in our Cerity Policyholder Resource Center are still available online. You’ll also find these resources right inside EACCESS as the Loss Control Connection – no separate login needed.

Check out these additional Risk Advisory Services from EMPLOYERS, or contact our risk advisory services department at to learn more.

Our friendly service team is standing by and ready to answer any other questions you don’t see here.

The information provided is intended to provide a general overview. This information is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such. Cerity® makes no warranties for the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of the information provided, and will not be responsible for any actions taken based on the information contained herein. If you have legal questions or need legal advice, please consult an attorney.