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Learn how your premium is calculated.

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How do you calculate my premium?

By asking you a few key questions about your business, Cerity can calculate your workers’ compensation quote in less than 5 minutes. 

The cost of workers’ compensation insurance depends on a few different factors. The size of your payroll, location, and past history of work-related claims can impact the price of your policy.

You may thinking, “Okay, but how are you any different from the competition?” We hear you, and we’re glad you asked. Leveraging over 10 decades of experience, predictive modeling analysis, and proprietary algorithms, Cerity uses over 100 different price points to determine the most accurate price for your workers’ comp policy! We’re committed to giving you the best price possible, which is why are policies start as low as $25/month.

To get started on calculating the premium for your business in 5 minutes or less, click here to start on a quote for your business today.

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3 Ways to Help Minimize Your Risk

Accidents happen. Cerity can help your employees recover after workplace accidents occur. Implement these cost-saving ideas to help your business have a safer workplace.

1. Implement a Safety Program

Investing in safety means you’re investing in your bottom line. Learn some helpful tips to get started implementing a safety program for your unique industry in our Learning Center, which features useful articles that include training tools and more.

2. Report accidents immediately

When an injury occurs, it’s critical your employee gets the right care and gets it fast. Not only does it save everyone worry, it saves money too.

The important first step is to make sure everyone knows what to do – including you. We’ll help you navigate the process, from designating medical care providers, to understanding the claims process.

3. Utilize OSHA Resources for Small Businesses

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) provides resources like these to help employers provide a safer workplace.