Evolving a century old industry.

At Cerity, we’re pushing the boundaries to bring small business owners an innovative approach to workers’ comp insurance.

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In the modern business world, we’re helping you operate smarter.

We are a different kind of company, one that wants to make insurance easy because it should be. Our goal is to make it easy for small business owners to protect their business.

We believe small business owners need a simple no-hassle way to buy workers’ comp insurance. Using innovative digital solutions, we created a product that made the process simple while being transparent about what our customers are buying. Our top priority is to provide a product that helps small business owners protect their business when the unexpected happens. At Cerity, we are a team of advisors, educators and partners working to help small business owners save more in the long-run.

We’re going further to help your business move forward.

No layers. No complexity. No worry.

We're accessible on your time.

  • 24/7 online access and access to registered nurses
  • Exclusive content tailored to your small business needs
  • Checklists and safety tips & tricks to help you maintain a safe working environment

In the Press

Read about Cerity in local and national publications.

“In starting Cerity, and separating it from our traditional business, the company is able to focus on a niche customer who prefers to purchase and manage their workers’ compensation policy online.”

“Cerity is completely reinventing workers’ compensation for small businesses.”

“EHI is launching Cerity, a subsidiary separate from its other insurance businesses that will offer digital, direct-to-customer workers’ compensation insurance policies.”

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“Cerity is unique in that it assigns rates based on a proprietary model that predicts risk and evaluates pricing based on 100 different tiers.”

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“Kiss goodbye to the phone tag, tedious applications and endless wait times.”

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“Powered by a complex algorithm, Cerity’s proprietary pricing model provides tailored quotes that address the individual needs of business owners.”