Pay-as-you-go (PayGo)
workers' comp

Cover your business from workplace accidents without breaking the bank.

Save money, manage critical cash flow, & eliminate surprises

PayGo workers’ comp insurance has been rapidly growing in popularity with small to medium sized businesses. But it is the current business climate, and all of the uncertainty it has brought, that best demonstrates just why this flexible system has become such an important choice for smart businesses.

Unlike traditional workers’ comp plans that require annual payroll estimations, large up front fees, and painful year-end audits, pay-as-you-go (or PayGo) relies on real-time payroll calculations, resulting in more accurate monthly payments that adjust automatically to your changing business. It’s become one of the few no-brainers in business.

Benefits of PayGo

  • No upfront costs. No money down.
  • Pay only what you actually owe, based on your actual payroll.
  • No “guesstimates”. No surprises.
  • Automatic debits – one less bill to remember to pay.

Now is the time for businesses to do all they can to preserve cash and increase flexibility.

PayGo is a simple choice that accommodates fluctuations
in payroll, while saving you money, time and stress.

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Frequently asked questions

Workers’ compensation is a form of business insurance which provides state required benefits to employees injured in the course and scope of employment, including wage replacement and medical benefits.
The cost, or premium, varies depending on the jurisdiction your business is in as well as the nature of your business or operation. At Cerity, in order to determine an affordable price for your business, we evaluate your company's specific operational history and your business' payroll.
Workers' compensation insurance provides all state required benefits, including reasonable and necessary medical treatment and wage replacement, for employees injured in the course and scope of employment.
In most states, it’s required for small business owners to obtain workers’ compensation coverage. In the event that an employee is injured in the course and scope of your employment, workers' compensation insurance protects you from costly lawsuits and provides state required compensation for the employee, including lost wages and medical expenses.