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Nevada Businesses We Cover with Workers’ Comp Insurance

Nevada Businesses We Cover with Workers' Comp Insurance

Food & Beverage

Bars, Bistros, Cafeterias/Buffets, Candy Stores, Caterers, Coffee Shops, Doughnut Shops, Fast Casual, Fast Food, Fine Dining, Health Supplement Stores, Juice Shops, Tea Houses, Taverns and Nightclubs

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Tech Services

Data Processing, Ecommerce, Hosting, Graphic Design, Network Installation/Repair, Office Machine Installation/Repair, Programming, Strategy & Management Consulting Services, and Software/Web Development (includes SOLOpreneuers!)

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Legal Services

Athlete/Actor/Entertainer Agents, Court Reporters, Lawyers & Attorneys at Law, Notaries and Transcription

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General Retail

Bakeries, Beer/Wine/Liquor Stores, Butcher/Meat Markets, Convenience Stores/Gas Stations, Discount Stores, Fish, Seafood, Fruit & Vegetable Markets, Grocery Stores, Laundromats, Pet Stores, Pharmacies/Drug Stores, Specialty Food Stores

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Educational Services

Computer Training, Cosmetology/Barber Schools, Exam Preparation/Tutoring, Fine Art Schools, Language Schools, Libraries/Archives, Management Training, Professional Training, & Translation/Interpretation Services

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Microbreweries (less than 15,000 barrels produced per year) & Wine Making (no growing or production of grapes/fruit)

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Personal Services

Barber Shops/Salons, Cemeteries/Mausoleums, Crematoriums, Funeral Homes, Interior Design, Pet Kennels/Groomers, Photography/Photofinishing, Gyms, Nail Salons, Self-Storage, Tanning Salons, Tattoo/Piercing, and Wedding/Event Planners

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Clothing Retail

Bridal Stores, Clothing Stores, Dry Cleaners, Formal Wear/Costume Rentals, Luggage & Leather Goods Stores, Shoe Retail/Repair, and Tailor Shops

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Personal Product Retail

Art Galleries/Stores, Auto Parts, Beauty/Cosmetics, Bike Stores, Bookstores, Camera/Photo Supplies, Cell Phone Retail/Repair, Computer Stores, Jewelry Stores, Musical Instruments, Sporting Goods , Tobacco/Vaping & Video Games

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Medical Professions

Blood Banks, Dental Labs, Dentists/Orthodontists, GP/Medical Specialists, Kidney Dialysis Centers, Medical Diagnostics & Testing, and Veterinarians

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Architecture & Engineering Services

Architects & Drafting, Engineering, Surveyors, & Window Treatment Stores (we do not cover construction contractors or trucking companies)

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Financial Services

Accounting, Auditors, Banks/Credit Unions, Bookkeeping, Collection Agencies, Financial Advisors/Trust Companies, Mortgage & Loan Brokers, Payroll Services, Tax Preparation, Title & Title Insurance

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Scientific Services

Scientific Research & Development/Consulting, Technical Consulting, & Environmental Consulting

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Office, Home, & Garden

Hearing Aid Stores, Hobby/Craft/Art Stores, Gift/Novelty Stores, Florists, Floor Covering Stores, Mailing/Packaging Stores, Models/Toy/Games, Office Supplies, Optical Stores, Paint/Wallpaper Stores, Perfume Stores, Plumbing & Taxidermists

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Therapeutic Services

Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Mental Health Practitioners, and Physical & Occupational Therapy

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Workers' Compensation for Nevada Businesses

Worker’s comp insurance for the Silver State

You know you’re in Nevada when you are slapped by the heat and hear the slot machines as you head up the jetway. But Nevada is so much more than the heat, gambling, and free cocktails!

Most people think of the low-elevation desert with a fantastical oasis rising from the blurry heat waves. Las Vegas metro is home to about 2/3 of the total Nevada population of 3 million. With more than 42 million visitors each year pouring $60 billion into the local economy, Las Vegas is a hotspot of economic activity and a great place to prosper with a tourism or retail-related small business. Did you know that Las Vegas alone serves more than 22 million pounds of shrimp annually and now has warehouses for shrimp farming to pace the daily need and supply the famous buffets with 60,000 pounds of tasty shrimp cocktail? Landlocked state 200 miles from the Pacific Coast, this is American ingenuity at work.

But wait, there’s a lot more to Nevada. Filled with casinos, Reno claims itself as the “Biggest Little City in the World” and is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. High-end resort town Lake Tahoe is world-renowned for luxury escapes and majestic views. The people-watching opportunities never fail, and if you’ve ever seen teens being photographed with a foot in Nevada and in Arizona looking amused, consider yourself lucky. It’s like finding a unicorn. From lizard and snake populated deserts to ski resorts to massive lakes, Nevada is home to several climates and all the outdoor activities you can imagine.

While it may appear that the lion’s share of Nevada businesses are corporations, the reality is that 99.1% of the companies are small businesses with fewer than 100 employees, providing jobs to 474,535 people, or 42% of the private workforce. Most of their jobs are travel, dining, retail or entertainment related, but there are also many opportunities in healthcare, administrative and professional fields.

Workers’ comp is a must-have for employers in Nevada. Not only is it a legal requirement, but it also protects ski lift workers when they’re at the bottom of a pileup and the operator isn’t paying attention. It even covers the casino cocktail servers when someone hits the big jackpot, gets excited and launches a cigarette onto a tray with just enough spilled beverages to ignite them and the server’s faux hairpiece. The good news is that Cerity is your workers’ compensation provider for all kinds of tourism, retail and professional services in the exciting state of Nevada. Compliance and coverage has never been so easy, allowing you to get back to growing your dream small business.

Nevada Statistics*

*2017 business stats provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics


number of Arizonans employed by small businesses


number of workplace injuries

4.36 million

cubic yards of concrete in the Hoover Dam complex


number of shows Wayne Newton has performed in Las Vegas


slot machines in Nevada

nevada workers' compensation

Explore commonly asked questions about business type, industry and state.

To put it simply, your business is covered. Just like that.In most cases, all of your employees are covered by workers' compensation insurance, including subcontractors (given they provide you a Certificate of Insurance). However, a Certificate of Insurance (COI) isn't a guarantee of coverage (policy may have cancelled since issuance). You should request periodic COIs throughout the contract.
Workers' compensation insurance provides all state required benefits, including reasonable and necessary medical treatment and wage replacement, for employees injured in the course and scope of employment.
In most states, it’s required for small business owners to obtain workers’ compensation coverage. In the event that an employee is injured in the course and scope of your employment, workers' compensation insurance protects you from costly lawsuits and provides state required compensation for the employee, including lost wages and medical expenses.
The estimated premium is based on estimated payroll (at the beginning of the policy). The final premium is based on actual payroll (at the end of the policy) for the policy period (usually 12 months). In the event your payroll changes, we'll work with you on adjusting your policy.
Yes, the workers' compensation policy covers all of your employees. Significant changes to your payroll should be reported to Cerity. This will help mitigate having a large additional premium due at the end of your policy period.
Cerity is a data-services company that is a licensed insurance producer that provides comprehensive workers' compensation insurance for American businesses. In less than five minutes, a small business owner can have a quote and can be protected as soon as the next day. In other words, your business is covered. Just like that. We are backed by Employers Holdings, Inc., a workers' comp industry veteran of over 100 years, EHI is reimagining how to purchase workers compensation insurance.
You do not need any documents to apply - we told you it was simple! All you need to obtain a quote is tell us a few quick things about your business and we should be able to get you a quote.