Covid-19 Update: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Published Apr 02, 2020

Cerity is closely following developments in the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We understand this is a challenging and unpredictable time for business owners and companies. Helping small businesses through challenges and the unexpected is fundamental to workers’ comp insurance and our core values. We are committed to helping our policyholders and employees navigate the outbreak as best we can.

As a starting point, we’ve put together some answers to frequently asked questions we’re hearing from our policyholders. We will update this information as the situation requires. If you need anything, please reach out to us directly at 1 888 423-7489.

My business and/or payroll has changed significantly.What tools are available to help manage cash flow during this time?

We have a couple of solutions for you. First, you can call us and update your business’ payroll with your current expected payroll for the year. We’ll update your policy, which in most cases right now will lower your premium, with reconciliation at final audit. Alternatively, we can switch you to a Pay-As-You-Go (PayGo) policy. A PayGo policy flexes with each payroll cycle, so you always only pay what is owed. In these tumultuous times, Cerity recommends you strongly consider this option. As always, please call us so one of our licensed agent underwriters can talk to you about your options.

How will Cerity handle late payments and cancellations for non-payment?

Given the extraordinary national circumstances, Cerity offered immediate relief by placing a moratorium on all billing cancellations issued between 3/01/2020 through 06/15/2020 (except for any individual state where a longer period of moratorium has been mandated by such state’s governing body).

Cerity will continue to comply with applicable state law with regard to late payments and grace periods.

Some important business and accounting documents aren’t immediately available under our new temporary work arrangements. How will Cerity handle final audit requests and processing?

We understand that many businesses have experienced disruption. Cerity has placed a moratorium on canceling current policies for noncompliant audits and paused the charging of noncompliance penalties. All current pending non-compliance cancellations have been rescinded.

Final audits will continue to occur, via phone, email, or mail. No on-site audits will be conducted. For any questions regarding final audits, please contact

The guidelines above will be re-evaluated in May for alteration or extension. Cerity will comply with applicable state law with regard to premium audits, payments and grace periods.

How does an injured worker submit a claim?

To help keep urgent care facilities and emergency rooms open for patients with Coronavirus and other serious medical conditions, Cerity requests that the first notification of a potential claim be reported to 800 753 6737 where the injured worker will have access to registered nurses, specially trained to provide nurse triage and medical guidance.

For all injuries or illnesses that require immediate assistance from Emergency Services please call 911.

My business or my client’s business is having most employees work from home during the current crisis. Do these home locations need to be added to the Workers’ Compensation policy?

It is not necessary to report temporary locations to us as our policy covers employees working on behalf of the insured anywhere within the coverage territory, as it is defined in the policy. However, WE DO want to know when there are permanent locations to be added or deleted from a policy, including an employee who permanently works from home.

To add or delete permanent locations on a policy, call us at 844-423-7489 or email us at

A Cerity customer needs to add or delete a location from their active policy, how can we quickly complete this?

The fastest, most efficient way to add or delete locations on your policy, or – if you are a Cerity PIX Partner – on behalf of your clients, is to call our agent underwriters. We can be reached at:1 844 423-7489 or

Is illness from COVID-19 covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

As every claim is unique based on the circumstances and jurisdiction, the compensability of any claim depends on the specifics of each individual situation and is determined by our Claims Department. Please submit first reports of injury to 800-753-6737 where a dedicated nurse will be able to perform nurse triage and begin the claim review process.

For all injuries or illnesses that require immediate assistance from Emergency Services please call 911.

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