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Reduce costs while protecting your business.

We’re excited to announce that Dominion has now partnered with the industry’s leading digital insurance company, Cerity, to bring you less expensive workers’ comp insurance to help you protect your business in uncertain times. Cerity is backed by one of the most trusted brands in the industry

Unlike traditional workers’ comp plans which require extra costs like commissions, Cerity has ZERO commissions, ZERO upfront costs and is engineered to give you a lower price!

You’re likely paying way too much for workers’ comp, start saving today. It’s super easy to switch. Get a free quote by clicking the red button below.

Benefits of Cerity Workers’ Comp

  • No upfront costs. No money down.
  • Pay only what you actually owe, based on your actual payroll
  • No “guesstimates”. No surprises.
  • Intelligent pricing: state-of-the-art pricing model engineered to give you a lower price.
  • Automatic debits – one less bill to remember to pay
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Get protection for your business baby.

It only takes a few minutes, whether you’re already covered or just getting started.