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Keep your employees and business protected with a workers' compensation policy.

When your small business goes through changes, so do your insurance needs. Workers’ comp insurance may be one of the most important investments you’ll make – in your business, in your employees, and in your bottom line. Accidents happen and employee injuries are a possibility in the workplace. Cerity helps lessen the burden so you can support your employee on the road to recovery and keep your business running smoothly. Your workers’ comp policy covers things such as:

Lost Wages

Workers’ comp insurance pays for a portion of lost wages when an employee is unable to work while recovering from a workplace injury.

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Medical Expenses

When your employees are injured in the course and scope of work, the medical expenses related to that injury are covered.

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Legal Protection

If there’s an allegation of employer negligence causing the injury, your workers’ compensation policy provides legal protection for your business.

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When you’ve put your precious time and money into building a business, you want to be sure your business is covered when the unexpected happens. At Cerity, protecting your investment is easier than ever before. Obtain a workers’ comp policy in less than 5 minutes.

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Your policy comes with solutions such as:

  • A seamless claims process that includes 24/7 access to registered nurses for support with employee workplace injuries
  • Payment of medical expenses and lost wages for your injured worker
  • 24/7 access to policy documents, account information, claims details and more
  • A growing learning center of digital tools and resources to help you reduce your premium and create a safer workplace

Are my state and industry covered yet?

We currently operate in Texas, Illinois, Utah, Arizona & Oregon. We specialize in offering coverage to small businesses in several industries, including restaurants/bars, beauty salons, and barber shops. We also cover accounting, tech, and, law firms. We are expanding rapidly, adding more states and industries.

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