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It was quick, easy and hassle-free to get the online quote and buy the policy online. At one point, I had a question and their respond was immediate.
Serene ZiCornell
Cerity's customer service was great! I got my business covered quickly and at a much better rate than my last insurance company.
Sarah Venable
I pride myself in being thorough when it comes to making decisions about my business, and can say that Cerity had the best coverage options hands down. Their service is terribly convenient, and their customer service was so helpful throughout the entire process when answering my questions.
Manny McIntyre
Excellent customer service and affordable coverage. Highly recommend!
Jacquelyn Beads
These guys helped me super quick when I wanted to make some changes to my policy. Very much not what I was expecting given my past experiences with literally every other company I've dealt with in this type of business. I really appreciated it.
Patrick C Harris
Fantastic company. I just won a new big client that required I get workers' comp to land the project. Cerity got me covered quickly and at a surprisingly affordable price!
Gregory Melon


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